Spring Training – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

UH staff, students and faculty produced 4,265,861.5 pounds of solid waste last year, and 32 percent of that waste was recycled. We would like to have 80 percent of our waste be recycled in the coming years. In order to reach this goal,we are calling on all Cougars to sharpen their sustainability skills and have green on the mind all the time!

The Plant Operations Solid Waste Supervisor Johnnie King (a.k.a the recycling king) and his team believes this dream can become a reality because they see unthinkable amounts of recyclable materials in the trash daily. As a student, there is not a day that goes by when I don’t see multiple plastic bottles in a classroom trash can.

Try to make greener choices at the university and in your everyday life and think before you throw “trash” away; it may be recyclable!

We all need water in this Houston heat to quench our thirst. Rather than buying a bottle of water every day, save the environment and money by bringing your own bottle to campus and fill up at a fountain!

Instead of drinking coffee out of a Styrofoam cup, which does not decompose for hundreds of years, bring a reusable coffee cup to work or class. Keep your bottle after finishing your bottled soda or juice, and get in the habit of finding the nearest recycling bin rather than a trash can to dispose of it.

At the University of Houston, we recycle plastics #1-5 and 7, paper, newspaper, magazines, toner cartridges, batteries, aluminum foil and cans, and cardboard. If you know that you use these materials on campus,be conscious of its final destination.

If you have any recycling questions send us an email: sustainability@uh.edu

-Sarah Chesley


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