Green Showcase Boards

Learn about facilities’ commitment to sustainability on campus by checking out the new going green showcase boards across campus! You can find the boards at Fresh Food Company, Oberholtzer Hall, all C-Stores, Chinese Star, Tealicious, McAlister’s Deli, University Copy Center, the campus bookstore and the Cougar Card office. Discover what recyclable items these locations offer, how they save energy, green products they sell and more!
Why wait in line at the Cougar Card office to fill out annoying forms? Soon the cougar card office will be eliminating all paper forms and moving registration online! They print their current forms on recycled paper and recycle anything they can in the office! All the lights in the office are automatic and switch off when not in use.
Do you need a presentation for your business meeting? Shop for all office supplies and presentation needs at University Copy Center, and ask them to print everything on recycled paper!
The dining halls have eliminated all Styrofoam to go containers and offer reusable to-go containers, cutting back on gross amounts of waste that cost UH precious green!
Drop off your reusable containers at any C-store when you’re done and pick up a refreshing
organic Honest Tea. Do you want fresh food and vegetarian options for dinner? Then eat at Fresh Food Company located in the Moody Towers.
Be a part of the Green UH movement by supporting locations that are going green and make an effort to incorporate sustainability in your every
day life!
-Sarah Chesley



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