Careers in Sustainability

Recent college graduates are seeking out career opportunities in the green sector more than ever. Not only are more people seeking positions in this high-demand field but more sustainability positions are being created every day.

The University of Houston is also riding the green wave and has recently hired two sustainability coordinators. Paul Brokhin was hired in January as the Sustainability Coordinator within Plant Operations to evaluate the efficiency of operations on campus and help the university become more sustainable in a cost-effective manner. He has also been working hard to restructure the recycling process on campus and has proposed a plan that would allow the program to become more productive and efficient.

Leah Wolfthal was hired as the Sustainability Coordinator within University Services at the start of July. She has been working diligently to research all areas within the university and evaluate if departments operate with the environment in mind. Wolfthal’s sustainability goals for the upcoming 2011-2012 academic year campus include activating the sustainable use of on-campus and campus-related resources such as commuting; educating students, faculty, and staff how to incorporate sustainability in their life outside of UH; and developing the university as a global center for sustainability problem-solving.

We all know it’s difficult to find a job in this economy, even in a rapidly growing field. Do you dream of finding a career that sustains the environment and enhances the quality of life for current and future generations? Visit these links to find jobs available in the Houston area and other locations across the U.S.

Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

Earthworks Jobs

Environmental Career Opportunities


Great Green Careers

Green Biz

Sustainable Business

TreeHugger Jobs

Many eco-conscience organizations are based in Houston. Here are a few of the companies:

Green Bank

Earth Quest Adventures

Ruggles Green and Ruggles Grill

Green Lily Events

New Living

One Green Street

Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Whole Earth Provision Co.

Green Business Bureau

Change Magazine

Sustainable Houston

Houston Tomorrow

Houston Green Scene

Would you like to work on conservation programs in Hamburg, Germany?

Dekeyser and Friends is taking applications for their fellowship, which teaches fellows “how to engage and empower young people to take action for biodiversity”.

Visit this link for more information:

Happy job hunting!

-Sarah Chesley


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