Coogs show prowess at UH Cleanup Day

The high temperature in Houston on Aug. 7 was 94 degrees – but that didn’t stop UH Cleanup Day volunteers from working hard to beautify our campus!

74 faculty, staff, students and community members arrived at Butler Plaza to form teams and tackle different areas of campus. Volunteers weeded and picked up an amazing total of 805 pounds of waste, recycling and plant material! Every team was phenomenal, but there had to be a winner, right?

The largest amount of waste and recyclables was collected by Team B! Congrats!


4 of Team B’s members. Woot woot!

Collection team totals (in pounds)

Team A 147
Team B 159
Team C 142
Team D 129
Team E 104
Team F 56
Team G 68
Total: 805

They found.. what??

There were some peculiar items collected during the cleanup mission.  Mattresses, tires and even street signs were found on campus. The 3 oddest items were a ski mask (Team G), a shotgun shell (Team B) and a bra (Team F).

Mattresses... wow!

Mattresses… wow!

The Auxiliary Services coordination team voted the bra most interesting. Are we really surprised?


UH Auxiliary Services coordination team

Thank you!

In all seriousness, everyone who participated made an overwhelmingly positive impact. Jerry Bogna, leader of Team B, shared this with his team: “You now have invested your own sweat into this campus. I bet the next time you are walking through campus with a group of friends, and someone throws an empty bottle or chip bag on the ground, you will want to say ‘Hey! Pick that up!’ A bunch of us spent several hours in the hot sun one day cleaning this place up, so pick that up and put it in the recycling container.”

Check out more photos from the event. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work! The start of the fall 2014 semester will look and feel a whole lot better because of your efforts.

If you participated in Cleanup Day, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

-Nicole Blanton


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