Have a green Halloween!

Every year Halloween comes around and we can’t wait to start getting our costumes ready! It’s fun decor, candy, good food, costumes, and TONS of scary movies! However, festivities can come with a hefty price tag. They don’t have to though!
There are many things you can create by spending very little or simply searching through your closet. You’ll be surprised at the convincing decorations, costumes and food you can come up with!
Depending on how elaborate your costume is, you can easily spend $25 -$200+ on materials. While buying a full costume can be quick and easy, it’s not nearly as fun as making your own!  Plus, it’s an original. Check out this Mad Hatter costume that UH garden assistant Angelika Fuller recently created:
  • Hat (cardboard, paperboard and an old t-shirt)
  • Boots (already had)
  • Pants and suit jacket – purchased from Salvation Army (spray painted stripes on the pants and sewed lace to the jacket)
  • Vest (already had)
  • Spool sash (made from an old belt, yarn and spools.)
  • Necktie – bought a cloth pattern. Can be easily reused.
As you can see, there are a variety of materials you can use to create a costume that fits your ghoulish desires – without breaking the bank! Popsugar has singles, couples and group costumes with design hints and pictures of each costume.


What’s Halloween without the festive decor? You can make quick and sustainable decorations like trash bag webs and milk jug ghosts. Of course these can be modified if you don’t drink milk – try other options such soda bottles or juice jugs!


Here are more DIY options:

****Hint: to light up any of these with little to no cost, find your old Christmas lights and plug individual lights into a battery. 

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, yummy appetizers are absolutely essential! You can make neat snacks in no time – and they don’t have to be sugary. Buzzfeed listed some great Halloween-themed recipes that will surely impress your friends and family. Check out this Frankenstein appetizer from Pocket Change Gourmet.
Here are some more fun ideas:
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Writing credits: Casey Hall, Nicole Blanton, Angelika Fuller



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