Is there a cure-all for the Keurig? Not yet, but you do have options!

The Keurig coffee machine is becoming a household staple; I’ve even seen it in some hotel rooms. It’s convenient and easy to use—simply insert the flavorful pod of your choice, confirm that there’s enough water in the reservoir, push a couple of buttons, and in a few minutes, you have your single-serving caffeine fix. But what do you do with that plastic pod? Your first impulse would probably be to throw it away; it wasn’t until recently that Keurig offered recyclable pods. Or you might have tried to reuse your K-cups. With only a little extra work, you could put your own coffee in the used pod and enjoy another cup! Eventually though, unless you have a certain brand of Keurig pack, the cups will end up in a landfill.


In 2013, 8.3 billion K-cups were produced, enough to circle the Earth 10.5 times. This is an extravagant amount of waste, but if you can’t live without your Keurig, reuse your K-cups for projects like beautifying your home! You can create a simple, modern K-cup wreath or embellish a wreath you already have with the cups.

k-cup wreathk-cup wreath2

Need patio lighting? Try making a glowing garland. If you have a green thumb, K-cups are ideal seed starters – especially if you leave those used grounds in there. You could also make cute hanging planters.

k-cup light garlandK-Cup-Seed-StartersK-Cup-Hanging-Planter

Do you want to liven up those old sandals of yours? The K-cup filter would suit your needs nicely!


If you want something fun to do with the kids, make K-cup marshmallow shooters or a neat wind gauge.

k cup wind gauge

Many more crafty ideas can be found on the UH Sustainability Pinterest, so I encourage you to explore it.

There’s another way to keep those K-cups out of the landfill… Don’t use a Keurig at all! There are plenty of sustainable ways to drink your morning coffee. You could even consider ditching coffee altogether.

-Angelika Fuller


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