UH energy and sustainability minor bridges disciplines

Passionate about energy or sustainability? Consider taking the interdisciplinary University of Houston energy and sustainability minor.

About the program

The energy and sustainability minor is based at the University of Houston’s Honors College. The minor is open to all undergraduate students with an emphasis on providing an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues relating to energy and sustainability. As mentioned on the curriculum’s webpage, “topics include existing, transitional, and alternative energy resources; conservation and consumption; and energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, architecture and design, public policy, and education.”

The top three reasons why you should consider taking the energy and sustainability minor:

  1. Practical knowledge – Learn about various forms of energy and the practice of sustainability as it applies to many diverse topics and courses in the heart of the world’s energy capital.
  2. Flexible electives – Have the freedom to select from fifty approved elective courses, which can also fulfill your major’s elective requirements if taken at your college with approval from your academic advisor or professor.
  3. Unique opportunities – Gain aspirations for energy and sustainability with unique opportunities to meet professionals and learn from industry leaders.


After being approved by the undergraduate committee and the Provost, the first energy and sustainability minor course was offered as a special topics course in international business in spring 2013. Since then, it has been offered as ENRG 3310 (Introduction to Energy and Sustainability) with about seventy students enrolled per semester.

In September 2014, the minor moved from the Bauer College of Business to the Honors College, which houses several other interdisciplinary minors.

Benefits of declaring the minor

Many graduates say the minor has helped distinguish them in resumes and job interviews. In the future, several tracks based on electives will be offered. Joseph Pratt, Ph.D., director of the energy and sustainability minor, believes these new tracks will allow students to “gain a breadth of understanding about energy and sustainability and take more specialized courses in their areas of interest.”

Personally, I have found the minor to be very helpful in broadening my horizons regarding energy aspects and sustainability principles. I have met amazing, passionate students from different walks of life who I am friends with today. Taking courses from other colleges also has provided me with a greater wealth of knowledge in energy and sustainability concepts than I would have gathered otherwise.

We hope you consider taking these courses and/or declaring the minor. For more information, visit the energy and sustainability minor website or contact Joseph Pratt.

-Michael Nguyen


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