Meanwhile, in the garden: February Update


During the first two weeks of February we harvested 22.41 pounds of radishes, carrots and greens from the garden! Our winter greens are starting to bolt, so soon we will be uprooting them and replacing them with spring plants. Dill and cilantro have emerged from seeds that likely fell off their mother plants last summer. We are eager to begin our spring planting and see our bluebonnets and wildflowers sprout!

In order to maximize the number of seeds that sprout, we first start them in the UH greenhouse.

This month, we started lettuce, foxglove, dill, tomatoes and poblano peppers from seed in our greenhouse. In order to start your seeds and grow transplants, you can follow these simple steps.

You will need:

-Coffee filters (paper towels also work)

-Resealable plastic bags


-Spring seeds of your choice

First, soak your coffee filter (or paper towel) in water until it is saturated. Then, pour seeds directly from their packet onto the paper towel. Be careful not to put too many seeds on one coffee filter. Feel free to put only half the packet on each wet coffee filter. Next, fold over your coffee filter or paper towel full of seeds so that the seeds are encased in the material. Next, place the paper seed pouch into a resealable plastic bag, seal it, and set it in a well-lit area. Your seeds should sprout within 7-10 days. You want to check your baggie every 3-4 days to make sure the coffee filter or paper towel is still damp. If it feels dry, spray some water onto the paper towel and reseal the baggie.

When your seedlings are 1 inch tall, then you should carefully plant them in a small cup or pot of dirt. Alternatively, you can wait until they are even larger, 2 or even 3 inches long, and plant them directly into your garden. It all depends on the plant species and how large you prefer your transplants to be.

Happy Planting!



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