Meanwhile, in the Garden: April Update

april-garden2In April, we planted watermelons, cantaloupes and more sunflowers. Our watermelon seeds came from a melon we harvested last summer! One of the goals of our garden is for us to only plant seeds we harvest from our own crops. It will take a few years to be completely independent from buying packaged seeds, but this month alone, we have been able to harvest bok choy, collard greens, sunflower and lettuce seeds!

Last year, we learned that watermelon plants do not like regular watering. They like to be flooded once or twice a week. We also learned that the hotter the soil is, the hotter the peppers will be! So this year, we will be covering the ground surrounding our pepper plants with black and clear plastic. We have already been able to harvest two jalapeños and one large yellow bell pepper.

We are also growing beans and peas in two beds this spring! Not only do beans and peas return nitrogen to our soil, but they also flourish in the Houston heat. Legumes will grow fine without a trellis, but they produce more when they can grow more like a vine than a bush. Here is a photo of our red ripper beans growing all over a strategically turned tomato cage.


We are excited about this planting season, and cannot wait to harvest all of our beans, melons, tomatoes and peppers!



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