Greetings fellow gardeners and plant enthusiasts,

We have had a productive July here in the UH Campus Community Garden! This month we had plentiful harvests featuring a whopping 15-pound watermelon! We also were able to harvest several pounds of okra each week, totalling over 60 pounds of donations for the month. Our tomatoes have stopped producing, so our next step is to uproot them and break the plants into small compostable bits.

Most of our summer veggies still have a few weeks left, but once they are uprooted we will need to add compost to our beds in order to replace some of the nutrients our summer crops used up.

We also planted pumpkin seeds this month! Pumpkins like to be planted in dirt mounds and will form long vines. If you are growing pumpkins and your first few flowers do not produce fruit, do not worry! Usually no fruits are produced until the plant has flowered several times. Pumpkin mounds will flourish in sunny spots while receiving an inch of water per week. Pumpkins are ready to harvest about 100 days after planting, so they should be ready just in time for Halloween!

Houston is typically too hot to plant anything between July and September, so now is a great time to work on composting and preparing for the next growing season.

Continue harvesting your watermelons and start getting ready for an excellent fall of gardening!


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