Meanwhile in the garden: August

Hello fellow gardeners!

In August, the garden was greeted with lots of weeds, near one hundred degree days and even a few snakes! Many of our summer crops have stopped producing, so we have not donated as frequently this month as we did in June and July. Our current objective is to uproot all summer crops in the garden and weed all vegetable-producing beds. We will be removing dead flowers, herbs and grasses from our flower beds as well.

We are having a volunteer event soon, which will really help us clear out all of the scorched, dead and bolted plants. We will be removing our trellises and even adding more compost and coffee grounds to our freshly cleared soil. Next, we will mulch our soil with newspaper and moss, and let our soil rest for several days.

After our soil has a rest, we will start our fall planting! We will be planting most of our fall crops in September, but the last week of August, we will be planting several varieties of peas and beans, black-eyed susans, beets and sweet peppers.


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